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Sunday, November 2nd 2008

8:51 PM

Well, I did it!

I'm made the switch to Blogger.  I'd finally had it with losing entries because I hit the backspace bar by accident (blogger has autosave), waiting forever for the pages to download because of all the stupid adds bravenet put on the post new entry page, the mysterious music that would all of a sudden pop on for no reason (it's creepy having the theme from the Muppet Show just magically start playing) and I will no longer have the crabby looking talking lady scare the snot out of me when I don't realize that I have my sound turned up (she will never terrify me with her offer to 'say whatever I type' again!)

It's not all dressed up and personalized yet. I've procrastinated doing Nano for long enough today, I think.  But eventually, I'll make it feel just like home.

Anyway, this is where you can find me from now on, unless Blogger does something to creep me out or tic me off, then who knows what I'm going to do.  http://daydreamerwrites.blogspot.com/

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Thursday, October 30th 2008

10:23 PM

cleaning frenzy

We've got a lot of stuff in the house right now.  Stuff that doesn't have a home.  We're putting work stuff only in our new storage unit, so all the office stuff needs to go somewhere else.  We no longer have an offsite office, all the paperwork gets done at home, so most off the office supplies are here now.  Some I hauled to the thrift store right off the bat.  I don't need 2 boxes of hanging files or 500 manilla folders and see no point in storing them on the off chance that I'll need them, so off to the Salvation Army store, which is conveniently located near our shop, so it's not hard to haul stuff there.  But, most of the stuff is now here at home.  Somehow, we accumulated a LOT of printers.  I'm not sure if they work or not, so we brought them home and are going to test them.  Right now I've got 10 (TEN!!!) printers in my house.  I kid you not!  I think we're going to have to have an office supply yard sale in the near future.

Looks like I jumped the gun on celebrating Bonsai the cat's recovery.  He relasped today and it looks like it may be either bleeding internally or has some kind of stomach ulcer.  He's not too perky.  Though I can't figure out how he could have gotten hold of any, it certainly looks like he's eaten some rat poison or something.  That what the vet was asking about when I took the cat there last week.  We're hoping he recovers, but I'm not holding out a whole lot of hope.

Today I went on a cleaning frenzy.  With all the stuff being dumped in our garage the last couple of days, things are getting  pretty messy and cluttered around here.  I can deal with handling clutter better if the house is clean, so I started scrubbing the dining room floor.  We're replacing the table in there with a different one, so I figured it would make sense to scrub the floor good during the tableless time.  From there, I went on to scrub the area at the bottom of the steps that was looking kind of nasty, which evolved into doing the adjoining kitchen floor.  With his illness, Bosai created a few messes, so I scrubbed blood up in some spots also.  Then I went on to scrub the upstairs hall.  Needless to say, my arms are achin'!  I hope my ambition keeps up and I'll get the rest of this place all ship shape real soon.

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Tuesday, October 28th 2008

10:39 PM

I'm tard....tard of pwaying the games...tard of hauling stuff

Tanya, I completely forgot about your dad's 'hoesale' business!    Now I'm laughing too.

Hubby called me about 8 this morning asking if I could come help him move some things at our shop.  Well...10 hours later, I finally got home again.  We hauled stuff all day, man, that guy has a lot of stuff.  We're moving things from one storage bay to another.  Everytime we move stuff, we throw more away, but it still seems to accumulate.  I think it breeds when we're not looking.

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Monday, October 27th 2008

9:31 PM

Craigslist is always good for a laugh

I was just on Craigslist looking for a gas stove and had to laugh at some of the items offered.  Why do people insist on putting a 'd' in refrigerator?  More were spelled that way than the correct way.  I remember in Wisconsin once, I saw a refrigeration truck with it misspelled on the signage on the door.      Someone must have pointed it out to him, because about a month later I saw it and the spelling was corrected.  Another thing I saw for sale today was a "black rot iron patio set".  If the iron was rotten, wouldn't you call that rust?   Just asking.
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Sunday, October 26th 2008

9:48 PM

No worries Afton, I have an electric stove.  I really really want a gas stove, but haven't been able to talk the landlord into one yet.  So, I don't think your stove will spontaneously combust like mine did.

The infection must have gone out the end of Bonsai's tail, because he's acting perfectly fine now.  Pretty darn good for a cat that was at deaths door just a few days ago.

WE's cast doesn't come off for 3 weeks yet.  This isn't a good thing since it's starting to smell.  He hosed it down in the shower last night, but it didn't help much.  Things are going to get pretty rancid around here in the next few weeks.

We found some old video tapes from our video camera today and have been watching them.  I can't believe how much the kids have grown in the last few years.  We were laughing at #1's voice.  We've gotten used to his new, low man-voice, so listening to his old little kid voice is pretty funny.  One thing hasn't changed much, WE is just as much of a hoot now as he was when he was little.  It was also cute listening to #4's little lispy voice.  She was listing some numbers and it was just adorable hearing  zewo one two thwee fo five thix theven

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Friday, October 24th 2008

7:25 PM

my stove thinks it's a welder

Tonight I was innocently making supper - stuffed peppers - my peppers were sitting in the baking dish waiting for the hamburger/tomato filling that was simmering on the stove.  Suddenly sparks started flying and there was a loud hissing noise.  The coil burner under the pan had burned through and sent a flame like a welders arc right through the bottom of the frying pan.  I grabbed the pan off the stove and put  it in the sink and the sparks died down and all was once again right with the world.  Except for the inch long hole burned in the bottom of my pan.  Looks like the landlord will be buying me a new pan, this is the 2nd one this stove did this to.  I really wish he would just break down and buy us a decent stove.

It looks like Bonsai the cat is going to survive.  He was so sick that we honestly didn't think he was going to make it through the night Wednesday night.  The vet had no clue what was wrong with him and just gave us some medicine and told us to hope it worked.  Fortunately, it looks like it did.  Though his tail is still really sore for some reason.  It looks like he doesn't understand that its something wrong with the tail itself and thinks someone is doing it to him.  He'll be sitting there, then all of a sudden, he'll yowl, jump up and look behind him, like he's going to catch the culprit who's causing him so much grief.  He's still got a bit of recovery ahead of him, but at least he isn't bleeding from the gums anymore, which he had been doing, which is completely gross.

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Thursday, October 23rd 2008

2:58 PM

a mystery, how exciting!

Until you'd mentioned it Jeanie, I hadn't noticed the odd things popping up in my entries.  I've noticed them in Afton and Holliday's blogs too.  I think AD is right, it has something to do with putting more than one space between characters.  I'm a 2-space between a period and the next sentence person, just like Mrs. Brown, my typing teacher taught me and that seems to be mostly where the odd characters are showing up.  Now though, AD said she gets question marks.  Is that what you're seeing in my entries?  Because I'm seeing little squares in mine and Afton's and Holliday's, nothing in Jeanie's or AD's (those are the only Bravenet blogs I regularly visit).  So...why in some peoples but not in others?  Did Jeanie and AD not have Mrs. Brown for typing and the rest of us did?  Or, could it be something more sinister.  They've both made Journal of the week recently.  Maybe JOTW people get preferential treatment from the PTB at Bravenet and the rest of us  peons just have to suck it up and suffer with odd looking little squares or risk Mrs. Brown retroactively changing our typing grades to an F on our permanent record.  Someone once referred to Bravenet as "the Pong of online blogs" and I might have to agree with them.  If they don't start getting some updated features like automatic save and easier picture insertion, I might move over to Blogger, despite the pain it would be to switch.
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Wednesday, October 22nd 2008

1:41 PM

Triathletes, start your engines

I volunteered to help at #4's school today for the yearly Keiki Triathlon.  Keiki = kids in Hawaiian   I was supervising the hoops the kids had to step through.  I picked that station, figuring they'd knock the hoops around regularly, giving me something to do besides sit there and watch them sweat.  The thing I forgot to check was shade availability.  aka there was none.  The cones had all kinds of volunteers because it was next to a line of shade trees.  But, it was fun cheering the kids on.  The 4th and 5th graders were definitely in it for speed.  They worked hard trying to get around the course as many times as they could.  The little kids traveled in packs and weren't real competitive for the most part.  I had to laugh at some of them, they were so conscientious about making sure they stepped in every hoop and would go back if they missed one while other kids would just run right over the top of them, not really caring.  Each class was representing a different country and would march around the course for a preliminary round waving their country's flags.  I got a chuckle out of all the little dark haired dark eyed Hawaiian kids waving their flags for Norway and Ireland - they really didn't look the part just like my little blond haired didn't really look very Jaimacan.

Jake the wonder dog hasn't been feeling well the last couple of days.  He woke me up every two hours last night with his whining and I'd have to take him outside for some relief for his upset stomach.  Bonsai the cat's been sick lately too.  He's got some kind of infection in his mouth.  He's bleeding from the gums and, according to the vet, he's got a fever and swollen lymph nodes.  YOu can just tell he's not feeling good.  The vet doesn't know what's wrong with him, but gave us some medicine that'll hopefully take care of the problem.  The other two cats are fine.  Mouschi just came in the house with a gecko in her mouth.  She was looking for Chloe and once she found her, let the gecko go so it could run around and Chloe could get her hunting skills honed.  It's so funny when Mouschi does that.  She sits back and supervises the younger cats and makes sure the prey doesn't get away.  I think she's adoped Chloe as her own.  Before he got sick, Bonsai had been doing the same, but now all he wants to do is sleep.  Poor little guy.

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Monday, October 20th 2008

10:03 AM

Hooked on Hooked On a Feeling

I woke up this morning to the song Hooked On a Feeling stuck in my head.  The Blue Swede version, not the BJ Thomas or David Hasselhoff ones.  (  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvKvk6tkjUk&feature=related   )   This song brings back some major memories of when I was a little kid, though it took me years to figure out what song it was, I could only remember the Ooga Chaka Ooga Chaka part from the beginning.  Back in 1974 when this song was popular, I was a 6 year old kid (I'm 40, so quit counting on your fingers) my dad worked 2nd shift, leaving my mom home evenings with 2 little girls and a 3rd one on the way.  But, mom wasn't alone because she had Mark and Robin.  Mark and Robin were two local teenagers who frequently came over to our house and kept my mom company.  They'd talk, play games and watch Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman together throughout the mid-seventies.  Anyway, I can remember being down in our basement, Ooga Chaka echoing through the open rafters and cement floor, while a wicked ping pong game was in session.  We loved Mark and Robin - Robin was our babysitter for years and when we all got older, things switched around and I occasionally babysat for her kids.  Life's a big circle, ya know?  My mom and dad were even attendants for Robin's wedding, which wasn't to Mark, much to the neighborhoods surprise, since those two hung out together forever.  I haven't seen Robin in over 20 years and Mark for much longer, so we'd never even recognize each other anymore, but I still think of them occasionally and the fun they used to have at our house back when we were all much, much younger.
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Saturday, October 18th 2008

9:41 PM

Quiet Day at home

It was another of those wonderful Saturdays when hubby and I were home alone.  The two older kids both had work and the two younger were invited to a birthday party.  Yay!

Last night for #4's birthday party, we went out to eat.  Her request for a birthday party was to invite two friends over, everyone dress up in their good clothes and go to a nice restaurant where "people come to your table and take your order". One of the friends cancelled at the last minute, so there was only party participant.  This girl didn't want to spend the night, so the party was a bit of a bust for the .  Since we went to a really nice restaurant, it busted our check book a bit too.  Taking the family out for a nice dinner out isn't something we're going to be doing too often.  I could have bought almost a week's worth of groceries with what we spent on that meal.  Oh well, at least she had fun and got to wear one of the dresses she got when we were shopping last week.

PS  IA:  I wasn't hating on 90 lb teenagers, I've got one of those myself.  What I WAS ranting about was the ugly clothes that are in style that society expects us to wear even though they look like something a prenant woman is forced to wear because of her condition.  There are very few options out there if you want to wear "dress up" clothes, unless you want to wear the ugly maternity top looking things, which I don't.  I've spent over 2 years wearing maternity clothes, I've done my time in smock tops and I don't want them back in my closet...EVER!!!!

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Friday, October 17th 2008

12:25 PM

stocking up

I've been stocking up on food lately.  With the economy the way it is, I figured it wouldn't hurt to be prepared a bit.  Besides, living on an island, we're entirely at the mercy of shipping.  If, for some reason, shipping was disrupted for a week, the island would run out of everything.  With that in mind, I decided today to stock up on non-food items I wouldn't want to live without.  One of those things was toilet paper.  You've all run out of TP at one time or another.  Not a pleasant feeling is it?  Now imagine being out for a week, or a month.  Well, I did some imagining and realized it wouldn't hurt to have plenty of toilet paper, you're always going to need it and it doesn't spoil, so, why not?  I'll tell you why not.  When you buy 4 12-packs of Scotts in one trip, you attract attention.  I looked like I was trying to get through some kind of diarrhetic nightmare or something.  I got in a discussion with the woman behind me in the checkout line about the best toilet paper and we both agreed on Scotts.  The little old lady who guards the scanner thing they have at the exit took one look at my cart and asked if toilet paper was on sale.  Thankfully, she didn't see the 10 cans of shaving cream and 15 tubes of tooth paste, or she really would be looking at me strange.

From there, I went to Macy's.  I don't like to shop for clothes and pretty much stick to tee shirts all the time, but wanted something nice to wear when we go to Oahu next month.  Well, I enjoyed shopping for toilet paper more.  I can't understand the styles these days    *shakes cane at check out girl*  Why would someone want to wear something that looks like a maternity top when they're not even pregnant?  I've been there, done that and bought the (maternity-sized) tee-shirt and don't plan on walking down that road ever again.  Know what I mean?  Finally I gave up and went home.  We're going to the big mall in Honolulu during our Oahu trip, maybe I'll find something there.  Or maybe I"ll just more racks of maternity tops made for 90 pound teen agers.

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Tuesday, October 14th 2008

10:16 AM

It's too ironic, don't ya think?

#2 missed the bus today or, as she said it, the bus missed her.  We got her to the stop on time, but the bus came early.  So, I had to drive her to school.  While we were going, I had the radio on and there was a song on where they were singing about a woman.  The made the comment that if that wasn't his wife's name and she was his wife, she'd be a little upset that he was singing about another woman.  Then she wondered aloud if the song was about a real woman.  At this point, I was laughing my head off, because, here's the ironic part, the song on the radio was The Kink's "Lola".  She couldn't figure out what I was finding so hilarious until I cranked up the volume at the line  "I'm not the world's most masculine man, but I know what I am and I'm glad I'm a man, so is Lola".   Her eyes got huge and she said, What the heck? and I explained the jist of the song to her (small town boy goes to big city and meets a beautiful woman who turns out to be a transvestite - for those of you who didn't know).  Then she figured out what I was laughing so hard about and we decided that nope, in this case he probably wasn't singing about a real  woman. 

We finally got my new refrigerator put in the kitchen last night.  It's got about the same amount of room as the old one, but since it's an upright freezer, the shelves are much wider than the are in my old side-by-side.  I've always hated side by side refrigerators and I'm so glad to get that old energy guzzler out of my house.  It's in the garage now.  We're going to keep it unplugged and use it for storing boxed food.  That way we don't have to worry about critters and bugs getting into our food and it'll be a handy storage place.

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Monday, October 13th 2008

9:14 PM

I survived

#4 went back to school today after her 10 days off.  The other three go back tomorrow.  Fall break is over and I survived!      #1 starts drivers ed tomorrow.  He's got to be to school at 7am for the next month -  month and a half.  ewwww 

Tonight, #2 did supper for us.  She did a baked potato buffet with all kinds of toppings.  Then she made a cherry cheesecake tort for #4's birthday.  My baby is 10 today.  I no longer have any single digit kids now.  Yesterday, we went shopping for her birthday.  I told her we'd buy her clothes for her birthday.  Her party with friends is on Friday.  A bunch of giggling, squealing little girls, that ought to be fun. 

Saturday, three of the kids volunteered to help at the Ironman.  #4 and WE worked at a nearby water station while #1 did security with his Jr ROTC group.  Can you believe members of the media bullied they way past him to get to wherever they were going?  People are so rude.  First they tried to imtimidate him, and when that didn't work they just used their size to push their way past him.  I'm just glad this whole thing is over for another year and all of them go back to where they came from to drive their own neighbors nuts and leave us alone.   There are a lot of wonderful Ironman stories, like the man who carries his son, who had cerebral palsy through the entire race or the guy without legs who fights all odds to finish.  I'm just trying to remember those people and not the one who was pounding on the table and screaming obscenities at the volunteers at the kid's water station because they didn't have the right flavor of power gel.  Some people just don't get it.

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Friday, October 10th 2008

10:53 PM

Wheeler Dealer

Hubby scored a deal today.  The refrigerator in our house is old.  We figure we pay a fortune every month on our electric bill.  When he was at Home Depot today picking up some parts, he noticed a upright freezer on clearance.  Something minor was wrong with it, so the original owner brought it back.  Well, he got it for a song.  He used to fix appliances, so fixing it isn't going to be a problem.  But, the beauty of it all is that he said that with a few minor adjustments, he can change it from a freezer to a refrigerator.  I don't need a freezer, we've got a chest freezer in the garage, so all I really need is a refrigerator unit.  So, we're golden.    He's going to work on it tomorrow, so hopefully, I'll have a new refrigerator tomorrow.
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Thursday, October 9th 2008

11:43 PM

blast from the past

Through a meandering series of events, I located someone I knew from way back when I was a little kid.  I thought about contacting him to say hey, but decided to read a little of his blog first.  After reading an entry or so and looking at the kind of things he had on there, I decided to pass.  He pretty much took a list of the kind of things I don't agree with and used it as a blueprint to live his life.  I don't have a problem with people living their lives how they want, but sometimes it's best to just step back.  No use looking for controversy, ya know?  So, I guess I'll just live my life and let him live his, and ne'er the twain shall meet.

The guppy farm had a few more casualties today.  This time it wasn't Chloe who descimated the herd.  I guess the shock of going from a scuzzy, algae infested water garden to a clean milk jug was too much for some of the fishes systems and they belly-upped.  It's survival of the fittest in the guppy world, folks.

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Tuesday, October 7th 2008

8:40 PM

Fall Break - Day 2

I've got a new one for you.  It's a first for me anyway.  I burned my toe cooking supper.  I've burned fingers and arms before, but never my little toe.  I was barefoot, frying up a pound of ground turkey when the grease snapped, sending a chunk of meat flying out of the frying pan and landing right on my poor little toe.  I did a little burnt toe dance right in the middle of the kitchen.

Guppy farming is turning out to be a little more of a challenge than the boy s were anticipating.  Seems the cats are eating the livestock.  Farming always has its challenges.  Chloe wiped out a tankful of prime breeding stock and was going for dessert when she was caught.

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Monday, October 6th 2008

9:42 PM

Fall Break - Day One

Because of year-round school, my kids have hideously long breaks randomly throughout the school year.  This week is one of them.  It's the end of the first quarter and the whole crew has the week off.  What really sucks is that I can't send WE to the beach because of his stupid cast.  It's a waterproof one, but the ocean water will make it stink, which is something I think it's in our best interest to avoid.  #4 isn't feeling good and has a fever of 102, so things are off to a roaring start.  The boys started a guppy farm in their bedroom.  It has the potential to be a real mess, but if it keeps them occupied for a few days, it's well worth it.   
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Sunday, October 5th 2008

8:43 PM

I wish it was over

It's happened every year at this time, ever since we moved to Hawaii.  I'm sick of the Iron People and wish they'd go home.  Right now there are 1800 atheletes in our little town, training for the Ironman Triathelon.  Saturday, they're going to attempt to swim 2.4 miles, then bike 112 miles and finish the day off with a 26 mile run.  In order to do they, they train.  Understandable, but they're training in my space!     I don't know any Iron people personally, but from what I've seen, a lot of them are a bit self-absorbed and have an elitist attitude.  There's room on the side of the road in most places for a bike to ride without interrupting the flow of traffic, but there ISN"T room for them to ride side-by-side and it's incredibly irritating to be stuck driving 15 miles an hour stuck behind a biker who thinks riding next to their buddy is more important than the 10 cars they've got stuck behind them wanting to get to work or their kids to school.  I don't know how many times bikers have pulled out from the shoulder of the road, right into the driving lane without even a backward glance, as if it's our duty to keep them from being splattered on the road and they don't have to take any responsibility.  A couple of them get hit every year and it's completely understandable, they seem to feel it's everyone elses responsibility to watch out for them because they are IRON PEOPLE and deserve our adoration.  Yeah, I'm a bit cranky.  Sorry, can't help it.  I mean, face it, what kind of a person participates in a sport that involves pushing your body to places it doesn't want to go and makes you lose control of your bodily functions.  Yep, Iron people have been known to poo themselves.  Ugh     Guess who'll be staying safe at home Saturday?

We had a potluck today after church.  Last month when we had one, everyone brought food-food and there was only one dessert.  Things swung the other way this month and we had a table full of desserts with only a few food items.  Not that any of the kids were complaining or anything.  Problem is, we're now all slugging around the house coming down from our sugar highs

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Saturday, October 4th 2008

3:39 PM

the nick of time

If there ever was a perfect time to break your arm, WE managed to nail it.  While he was getting his splint put on in ER, the guy wrapping the bandage said that all the techs like him were going to be laid off the next week.  That meant that starting this previous Monday, the doctors themselves would have to put on the splint, which would have extended our wait in ER from 4 hours to 6-8 hours, since the doctor is going to be needed more throughout the ER.  WE was in a week ago today, so we lucked out there.  Though it's sad that budget cuts are happening in a place that provides such an important service to the community.  I just can't help but think that if the government would cut back on something that isn't necessary, like live security guards at the public library, maybe we wouldn't have to lose such a valuable service.  I mean, do we REALLY need a security guard at the library?  It's a public library, you're allowed to take things out of there, so theft really shouldn't be much of an issue.  And if there's a maniac with a gun?  Some of the security guards I've seen there are, no lie, about 75 years old.  I hardly think someone's grandpa is going to take down a guy with an AK-47, he's going to grab his cane and hobble out that front door as fast as his little arthritic legs are going to carry him.  On Thursday, WE had to go to an orthopedist to get his cast put on.  I know we were lucky to get in when we did, but I didn't realize how lucky until I saw the paper today.  Out of the 4 orthopedic doctors in our area, 2 are leaving the island, one is planning on leaving in the near future and the doctor that did WE's arm is going on a 6 month sabbatical soon for education enhancement.  Unless we get some new doctors to the island soon, we'll have to fly to Oahu to get any orthopedic work done.  Sometimes I feel like our island is slowly dying.  I guess I feel like Jimmy Buffet sometimes:

I don' know  -  I don' know  - I don' know where I'm a gonna go when the volcano blows

Only it's not the volcano that's going to ruin the island, it's the economy 

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Friday, October 3rd 2008

8:40 AM

you can see him coming

WE got his cast put on yesterday.  He'd had his heart set on a green one, until we got to the Drs office and they gave him a different option he just couldn't refuse.  He's got a glow in the dark cast, people!     I didn't know they even made such a thing.  He figures it will be a good way to lure cute girls into dark rooms.  Hey baby, wanna see my cast glow in the dark?     He's going to have a glowing arm for the next five weeks.  If he wrapped himself up in a dark sheet and went into  a dark room, it'll look like a disembodied arm floating around.  Looks like a case for Ghostbusters
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